Muscle Force Measurement Device

Muscle Force Measurement Device RZTA-1000N
Muscle Force Measurement Device RZTA-1000N

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– Designed to measure muscle strength of arms, legs, necks, tongues, etc.
– Enables you to measure occupational loads (opening/closing doors, pushing a wagon, drawing a cart and so on ) as well.
– Includes several pads and attachments to fit your measurement needs.
– Three kinds of kits are available.
– Comes in a carrying case, which can store the handle with the gauge mounted.
– RZTA and RDSV can save peak value with the date in RZTA/RDSV or a PC.
*You can see the image of testing in “Specification for muscle force measurement device” (PDF).

Specifications for Muscle force measurement device

Model RZTA-1000N RDSV-1000N RFB-750N
Features Main feature Functional model for
various purpose
including data analysis
with graphing
and direct data saving
to USB drive.
Standard model
with useful function.
Tilt-sensing alarm enables stable testing.
Mechanical model for easy visual reading of force transition.
Peak ✓+ ✓+ ✓+
force transition
✓++ ✓+
Data management
on PC
✓++ ✓+
Graphing ✓+
Performance Capacity 1000N 1000N 750N
Unit N (kN), kg (*1) N (kN), kg (*1) N (*1)
Accuracy +/- 0.2%F.S. +/-1digit +/- 0.2%F.S. +/-1digit +/- 0.3%F.S.
Sampling rate Max. 2000 times/sec Max. 1000 times/sec
Sensitivity 4 steps 3 steps
Display 4-digit graphic organic EL 4-digit graphic LCD Dial indicator
Power Internal battery, AC adapter Internal battery, USB charge (AC adapter)
Battery Approx. 8 continuous hours
of use by 4.5 hour charge
Approx. 30 continuous hours
of use (with backlight off)
by 2 hour charge
Weight Approx. 1kg Approx. 1kg Approx. 1.1kg
Functions Peak hold  ✓+ ✓+ ✓+
Judgement ✓++(OK,NG) ✓+ (OK only)
Calender ✓+ ✓+
Bar graph ✓+
Overload warning ✓+ ✓++ (w/ Precaution Alarm)
Tilt-sensing alarm ✓+
Language JP, EN, CN, ES, DE, FR, IT, KO JP, EN
 Internal memory ✓+ (1000 data) ✓+ (1000 data)
USB Drive *2 ✓+
Graphing  ✓+
Accessory Handle, attachment pads (6 types), carrying case, inspection certificate
USB cable, software for data management, graphing software,
AC adapter, USB drive
USB cable, software for data management, AC adapter Protection cap

*1 It is for international models. Available units for Japanese domestic models are different.
*2 Continuous data for graphing can be saved at 100 data/ sec.

Included Attachments and Pads

Name Dimensions For testing…
1 Curved Pad W25 Radius 70mm Muscle strength of arms and legs
2 Rectangular Pad W25 D100mm Muscle strength of neck by pushing against forehead
3 Square Pad W25 D25mm Muecle strength of tongue
4 Circular Pad Diameter 80mm Muscle strength of back
5 Large Hook H 85mm  Work load of door opening/closing, pushing carts/wagons,
Strength of handrails
6 Y Hook H 84mm





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