180 degree Peel Test Fixture (for Adhesion Test)

180 degree peel test fixture

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-Ideal for 180 degree peel test of adhesives such as tapes
-Designed for peel test complying with a part of IEC, ISO and ASTM Standard

[Related Standard]
-IEC 249-1:1982 Base materials for printed circuits. Part 1: Test methods (Partly)
IEC 326-2:1990 Printed boards. Part 2 Test methods (Partly)
(Corresponding Japanese standard: JIS C5016:1994)
-ISO 29862:2007 Self adhesive tapes-Determination of peel adhesion properties (Partly)
(Corresponding Japanese standard: JIS Z0237:2009)
-ASTM D3330:2010 Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive (Partly)
-Japanese Pharmacopoeia 17th Edition (Partly)

[Testing Applications]
-Adhesive tape 180 degree peel (bond) strength test
* Complies with a part of ISO 29862:2007 “Self adhesive tapes-Determination of peel adhesion properties”.
* Please click the application for product configuration and further information.

[Custom-made Applications]
-Temperature & Angle Adjustable Peel Tester
* It enables you to adjust temperatures (on a bonding surface) and angles for the peel test.
* Please click the application for further information.

Specifications for 180 Degree Peel Test Fixture P180-200N

Model P180-200N
Peeling length Max. 150mm
Allowable width of samples Max. 60mm
Allowable load 0.5 to 200N
Dimensions Please refer to Dimensions.
Weight Approx. 300g
Stand that can be combined(*1) MX-500N-L, MX2-500N-L,
MX-1000N-L, MX2-1000N-L, EMX-1000N-L

* An attachment to grip sample is sold separately.
*1 Please contact us if you would like to combine other test stands.




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