Test Method Consulting

Product selection is the key to effective force measurement. You can count on IMADA, a force measurement professional.

We offer the best force measurement solution for each customer from a wide range of products.

Force measurement instruments are highly versatile and are used in a wide range of industries such as automotive parts, medical equipment, and food. Even though they are versatile, they are not universal. It is even their characteristics of the force measurement instruments that the feasibility of force measurement or the property obtained vary depending on the measurement method or configuration of products.

IMADA, a specialized manufacturer of force measurement instruments, is capable of introducing a wide range of standard products and custom-made products to meet your needs. We also offer the most suitable measurement methods and products for our customers based on our accumulated measurement know-how, so make the best use of it.

Force Measurement General Consultation Service

Force Measurement General Consultation is a service that helps you solve force measurement issues by listening to your needs. Our engineers will propose measurement methods and optimal equipment selection based on our experience and know-how.

Any of below problems concern you?

  • Is it possible to measure such force as this?
  • Are there similar test cases or results to my sample?
  • What kind of attachment can hold my sample?
  • How do I improve the testing efficiency?
  • How do I maintain the measuring instruments?
  • I wish to consult about instrument calibration.

If you have such questions or concerns about the force measurement, feel at ease and contact us from the link below.

Our engineers are ready to help you.

Sample Testing Service

The sample testing service is a before-sales service to ensure a purchase with confidence. If you send us your sample, we will investigate the feasibility of measurement and suggest the most suitable testing solution and product for you at free of charge.

Make the best use of our sample testing service in case you want to

  • Select the right product before purchasing.
  • Confirm what kind of data can be obtained before purchasing.
  • View photos and videos of the measurement result for reference.

Example of Sample Test Report

Example of Sample Test Report (Measurement Details, Measurement Condition, Instrument configuration when measuring a sample, Instrument photos, Measurement Results, Recommended configuration of instruments, Notes when measuring a sample)

Sample Test Steps

Inquiry (Customer) -> Check the test feasibility (IMADA) -> Send test sample (Customer) -> Conduct test, Submit a report, Recommend products (IMADA)

※Note that we may not be able to accept some samples, such as samples with incompatible force values or samples that may be dangerous. Contact below to check if the sample testing service can be available to you.

※This is a pre-purchase product selection service, and we do not accept large volume sample tests.

※If you need a formal report using a calibrated measuring instrument, please use the consignment test.

※We will sign a non-disclosure agreement if requested.

※We usually need 3 weeks to submit a report after your test sample arrives at our office.

Product selection criteria

Refer the brief introduction to the key points in product selection.