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Force Recorder (Light/Standard)

Force Recorder (Light/Standard) Graphing Software for ZT series

Force Recorder
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Force Recorder
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– Applicable models: ZTS, ZTA, eZT, HTGS, HTGA, DTXS, DTXA series
– When combined with ZTS, ZTA, or eZT, you can draw force-time graph.
– When combined with HTGS, HTGA, DTXS, or DTXA, you can draw torque-time graph.
– High sensitivity (MAX.2000 data /sec sampling speed): Real time graphing is possible.
– Possible to set up functions of a force gauge and save the setting.
– 5 charts at maximum are displayed in the same table (Standard type only): Useful for comparing and evaluating the chart data.

Force Recorder(Light/Standard) Functions

Version Light Standard
Graph force-time
Data transferring speed (Max) 2000 data / sec 2000 data / sec
Recording data point (Max) 7.2 million 7.2 million
Graph overlaying function N/A Yes
Trigger function N/A Yes
Point marking N/A Yes
Border line function N/A Yes
Graph editing N/A Yes
Graph scaling Yes Yes
Statistics output Yes Yes
Comment Yes Yes
Print Yes Yes
CSV file converting Yes Yes
Preview saving (PDF/Word/Excel) Yes Yes
Force gauge setting Yes Yes

Operating Environment

Operating environment OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Hardware CPU: Pentium4 (1GHz more) more recommended
Memory: 2GB more recommended
Hard disk: 10GB(Data storage area) more
Plat form .NET Framework4.6 more
Execute environment Microsoft Internet Explorer6.0 later
Windows Installer 3.1 later
Image size Resolution 1024*768 pixel more
The gauges that can be combined ZTS/ZTA series, eZT,
DTXS/DTXA series, HTGS/HTGA series
Connection port USB1.1, USB2.0 connector
* We do not guarantee operation in USB 3.0.


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