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F-S Recorder

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F-S Recorder Force-displacement graphing software

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– Force-displacement graphing software for FA Plus.
– High speed sampling rate: Max.2000/sec. It draws real-time and smooth graph.
– 5 graphs at maximum can be drawn in a table, which is useful for comparing and evaluating the graph data.

Specifications for F-S-Recorder Force Displacement Graphing Software

Model F-S Recorder
OS Windows2000 (SP3 later)/XP (SP2 later)/Vista/7
You cannot use this software in 64 bit version of Windows 2000 and XP.
Operating environment Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 later
Interface PC with USB port as a standard equipment
Connection port USB1.1, 2.0 port
Connecting cable USB A to B cable (Accessory of FA Plus)
Data transmission speed Max. 2000/sec
Resolution Load depends on load cell range (4-digit LCD)
e.g. 5N load cell: 0.001N
Displacement: 0.01mm
Speed: 0.1mm/min
Data storage format Graph: FVSD file (Special format only for F-S Recorder <Force-displacement graphing>)
FVST file (Special format only for F-S Recorder <Force-time graphing>)
Data conversion: CSV format (Compatible with Microsoft Excel)
The amount of readable data would be restricted depending on Excel version.
The amplifier that can be combined FA Plus



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