Repair and Calibration

We offer the services of repair and calibration with extra charge.
We have our distributors or agents in major countries and some of them can provide these services.
If you know an IMADA distributor or an agent in your country, we would like you to contact them to use the services. If you do not know any of them, please contact us directly at “Inquiry about Repair/Calibration”.
Moreover, please refer to “Warranty Regulations PDF” below for the detail of warranty.

修Inquiry about Repair/Calibration  Warranty Regulations PDF


Repair includes battery replacement, sensor replacement due to overload, and more.
If it has something wrong with your measuring instruments, please contact our distributor in your country or contact us at “Inquiry about Repair/Calibration” above. “Trouble Examples and Dealing Method” below might be useful.

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We recommend that a force gauge should get calibrated periodically to maintain accuracy and conduct reliable measurement test. If you have any questions about calibration, please contact us at “Inquiry about Repair/Calibration” above.

We have been accredited to “ISO/IEC17025:2017”, an international Laboratories by an accreditation body, PJLA. Please make use of our ISO17025 calibration service to get more internationally reliable data.
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How to Use Repair/Calibration Services

Please contact our distributors in your country, or contact us at“Inquiry about Repair/Calibration” above to use the services. Not all of our distributors can offer repair/calibration services, so there is possibility to send your product back to Japan to get it repaired/calibrated.

In the case when you send it to Japan, please note these points below.

  • We ask you to pay for shipping cost of round trip.
  • Please send your products stored in its dedicated carrying case. If you do not have the case, we will send it back to you with the case for the purpose of preventing sensor breakdown, and charge for it.
  • Please send AC adapter together.
  • Please make sure to back up data saved in memory or setting detail before shipment since they could be gone due to repair.


Please refer to “Maintenance” page below to know important points to maintain measuring instrument and avoid breakdown.

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