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– Fit to grip thin samples: Ideal for tension test such as film tensile strength test.
– Material of chuck part is selectable from urethane, iron, aluminium.
– Design to reduce the possibility to break samples or slip out from grips.

[Testing Applications]
Heat seal strength test >>
Adhesive tape 90 degree peel (bond) strength test >>
Adhesive tape 180 degree peel (bond) strength test >>
Circuit board print (copper layer) peel strength test >>
Magnetic card peel strength test >>
*Please click the applications for further information.

Specifications for FC series Film Grip

Model FC-21 FC-20 FC-40 FC-21U FC-41U FC-21UQ
Capacity 250N (25kgf) 500N (50kgf) 250N (25kgf)
Material Aluminum Iron Aluminum
Feature Lightweight Available in capacity up to 500N Wide,500N One side- urethane One side- urethane,
One side- urethane,
Opening width 20mm 20mm 40mm 20mm 40mm 20mm
Opening width Max. 2mm Max.0.2mm
Weight *1 Approx. 25g Approx. 73g Approx. 125g Approx. 40g Approx.70g Approx.50g
Mounting Part Angle Approx. 13° Approx. 24° Approx. 20° Approx. 10° Approx. 10° Approx. 10°
Mounting screws M6
Available option -F:Fixed model(*2)(*3)(*4)

*1 Weight of the attachment is also applied as a load on the force gauge. Please check the weight when selecting the
capacity of a force gauge.
*2 Fixed model is an optional attachment (sold separately) that the mounting screw part does not move.
*3 We recommend –F option when use for horizontal test stand.
*4 Add the option code after the model name to complete the model with options.
e.g. when adding –F option to FC-20…Model: FC-20-F




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