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– Ideal for wide variety of tension test since it can grips various thickness of samples.
[Testing Applications]
Syringe plunger compression resistance test >>
– Outfit trimmings/decoration tensile strength test >>
Zipper running smoothness test >>
Bag handles tension strength test >>
Spot welding bond strength test >>
Hook and loop fastener peel (adhesion) test >>
Book binding adhesion (bond) test >>
Drip infusion connector extraction test >>
USB connector insertion/extraction (repetition) test >>
Inlet plug insertion/extraction (repetition) test >>
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Specifications for GC series Flat Chuck

GC-1100 GC-1200 GC-5000
Capacity 1000 N (100kgf) 5000 N (500kgf)
Screw of mounting part M6 M10
Weight Approx.160 g Approx.170 g Approx. 1400g
Dimensions (W*H*D) 56*(51)*20mm 66*(51)*20mm 104*(92)*30mm
Internal dimensions [A] 20 mm 42 mm 64 mm
Opening width [B] Max. 10 mm Max. 20 mm Max. 30 mm
Chuck width [E] 20 mm 29 mm
Chuck height [F] 20 mm 37.5 mm
Mounting Part Angle Approx. 20° Approx. 17°
Body width [W] 56 mm 66 mm 104 mm




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