Fine Point Chuck, Small Grip
FP-50/51, SC-3/8


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– Fit for tension test of thin samples like wire.
– Ideal for tension test in narrow space
– Small and light: Fit for lower range tension test

[Testing Applications]
Tooth blush pull out strength test >>
Hair pull out strength test >>
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Specifications for FP series Fine Point Chuck and SC series Small Grip

Model FP-50 FP-51 SC-3 SC-8
Capacity 100N (10kgf) 50N (5kgf) 100N (10kgf) 150N (15kgf)
Grip width 1mm 3mm 8mm
Opening width 0.5mm at maximum 1mm at maximum
Dimensions(W*H*D) 10*55*8(mm) Please refer to Dimensions below.
Weight Approx.19g Approx.8g Approx.20g Approx.21g
Mounting screws M6




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