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Rotary Wire Terminal Fixture FW-12(Above) / PW-4(Below)

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– Designed for tensile strength test of crimped terminal
– Rotate the wheel to simply set samples of different sizes
IEC 60512-16-4:2008 Connectors for electronic equipment-Tests and measurements-Part 16-4: Mechanical tests on contacts and terminations-Test 16d: Tensile strength (crimped connections)
(Corresponding Japanese standard: JIS C5402-16-4:2012) (When FW-12 is used)
JIS C2805:2010 Crimp-type terminal lugs for copper conductors (Partly)
*To perform the tests according to the above standard,  other products such as a force gauge and others are necessary.
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Specifications for FW-12/PW-4 Rotary Wire Terminal

Model FW-12 PW-4
Capacity 1000N (100kgf) 1000N (100kgf)
Method of clamp Hook *1 Hook
Numbers of slits (pins) 12 3
Dimensions of slits (pins) 1 to 8mm φ3mm/φ5mm/φ8mm/
M4 Female screw*2
Dimensions See [Dimensions]
Weight *3 Approx. 380g Approx. 310g
Mounting screw M6 M6

*1 It is not suitable for fixing of narrow terminals such as bar terminals.
*2 The M4 tapped hole enables you to install desired size of pin to suit your sample.
*3 Weight of the attachment is also applied as a load on the force gauge. Consider it when selecting the capacity of a force gauge.



Dimensions for FW-12/PW-4

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