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– Easy to grip samples like as usability of cloth pins.
– Easy set up (Just hang it on the hook).
– The more it is pulled, the more strongly it grips samples.

Specifications for PGC Series Pantograph

Model PGC-0505 *¹ *² PGC-0510*² PGC-2530
Feature The slim grip is ideal for a sample at a narrow space. Lightweight standard model. The grip open widely. The high capacity model up to 2500N.
Capacity 500N 2500N
Hole for a hook*² φ6
Screw to mount M10
Opening width 0.8~20mm Max.15mm
Dimensions Please refer to Dimensions below
Weight Approx.170g Approx.110g Approx.750g

*¹It is unable to grip a sample which thickness is under 0.8 mm. It also not suitable for slippery materials and plating surface.
*²A standard attachment small hook (A-1/S-1/SR-1) is necessary to attach PGC to a force gauge.




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