Hoisting Attachment for High Load Cell

EB-20kN(Left),EN-20kN(Middle),Using Image(Right)

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– Hoisting attachment combined with DPU/LU/LMU for tension test.
– EB/EN series: Eye nut type to hang rope or hook
– RE series: Rod end type to let shaft though

Specifications for DPU/LU/LMU Hoisting Attachment for High Capacity Load Cell

Model EB-500N-M6 EB-500N-M8 EN-500N EB-2000N EB-20kN RE-20kN
Capacity 500N 500N 500N 2000N 20kN 20kN
Weight Approx.18g Approx.39g Approx.11g Approx.137g Approx.1100g Approx.300g
Nut type M6 Rod end type M8 Rod end type M5 Eye nut type M12 Rod end type M18 Rod end type M18 Rod end type
Loadcell which can be mounted DPU-5N~500N LU Series LMU Series DPU-1000N/2000N DPU-10kN, DPU-20kN DPU-10kN, DPU-20kN




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