06 Mar, 2014

IMADA has released new products (Motorized test stand, Torque gauge etc).

March 3rd. Our new Products were released.

1.Horizontal motorized test stand MH2-500N

MH2-500N、ZT サムネ-Horizontal loading is possible.
-Easy and smooth to fix a sample and a force gauge.
-Easy operation to set measurement condition.







2.Handheld type digital torque gauge HTGS/HTGA series


-Handheld torque measurement instrument for wide applications
-Changeable attachments expand application possibility
-Multifunction:Peak hold function, comparator evaluation and more
* These are successor models of current HTG2 series.
Plesase note HTG2 series  passed out of production.






3.Coating surface peeling test attachment TH series
TH Thumbnail
-Peeling strength of coating is measurable by fixing and peeling the head on a coating part.
-It is easy to attach the peeling head with a pin.
-Partly in accordance to JIS K 5600-5-7 (1999) : Testing methods for paints-Part 5: Mechanical property of film- Section 7: Abhesion test (Pull-off methods)






4.Load cell for foot brakes and hand brakes PK series
PK トピックス用-e

-Measuring force on foot pedals or handbrake levers.
-Easy to attach and measure is possible by hooking on a pedal or a lever.






We release those 4 products above. Please refer to the each specification for the detail from the links.