08 Jan, 2020

New Products Launch in Jan 2020

New Products Launch in Jan 2020


We wish you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday!
Thanks for your support in the past year.
We will continue to try our best to offer you the best force measurement solution in 2020.


We are glad to launch our new products in Jan 2020. We dedicate to provide a wide range of products to meet your needs of force measurement.




・Torque gauge for low torque testing DTXS-0.5N/DTXA-0.5N


・Attachments for torque testing
Rotating Supporting Stand Jig SDT series
Light Weight Small Table HT-STL/DT-STL
Light Weight Wide Table HT-STLW/DT-STLW
Precision torque driver HT-DBH-P


・Optional attachments
Pinching Force Measurement Jig PCA-150N
Self-centering Vise Grip GTW-2500N
Chuck for Clamping Cap CCJ-100N/CCJ-100N-01
Universal Joint UJ6-1000N/UJ10-5000N


Please see the specification of each product for details.


Rotation Support Jig for DTXS/A
SDT series
SDT series is rotation support jig with 5N-m (500N-cm) capacity for torque gauge DTXS/A series. It enables you to rotate samples continuously by keeping turning the knob.
Light Weight Small Table
HT-STL series
HT-STL series is light weight small table with 2N-m (200N-cm) capacity for handheld type digital torque gauges (torque tester). It can hold small samples of diameter 7mm to 50mm.
Light Weight Wide Table
HT-STLW series
HT-STLW series is light weight wide table with 2N-m (200N-cm) capacity for handheld type digital torque gauges (torque tester). It can hold large samples of diameter 10mm to 100mm.
Self-centering Vise Grip
GTW-2500N is self-centering vise grip with 2500N capacity for the vertical type test stand. It enables to fix the samples at the center due to self-centering design. It also can be used to fix magnetic materials due to stainless made body.
Cap Clamping Jig
CCJ series
CCJ series is cap clamping jig with 100N capacity. Its 4 pins grip round-shaped samples tightly. It is ideal for insertion / extraction test of round samples including caps of cosmetic package, connectors, and similar.
Universal Joint
UJ6-1000N/UJ10-5000N is universal joint with 1000N/5000N capacity to prevent unbalanced load during the measurement.