01 Oct, 2021

New Product Launch in Oct 2021

Thank you for your patronage of IMADA products and services.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new products in Oct 2021.



Multiple Force-Time (Torque-Time) Graphing Software  Force Recorder Plus

This software can record testing data coming from at most 4 devices simultaneously. It also can graph transition of forces in different units such as N and N-m on the same screen.


-Optional Attachment

Variable Weight Reciprocating Friction Test Jig  VWF-10N

This attachment is attachable to a motorized test stand, MH2-500N, and measure friction forces between flat specimens and contactors in various forms.


Please see the specification of each product for further details.

Multiple Force-Time (Torque-Time) Graphing Software
Force Recorder Plus
Force Recorder Plus is multiple force-time (torque-time) graphing software for ZTS/ZTA/eZT/FA Plus2/eFA Plus2/HTGS/HTGA/DTXS/DTXA series products. It can graph data of up to 4pcs of devices simultaneously and display them in different units (eg: force N and torque Nm) on the same window. Moreover, It equips "Operation history tracking" and "Password protection function" for security.
Variable Weight Reciprocating Friction Test Jig
VWF-10N is a friction jig for MH2-500N to conduct reciprocating friction tests with various samples. You can place a weight on the plate to generate vertical force. *Weight is not included.