TAA Torque-Angle Analysis Unit (Portable)
TAA (Customized model)

トルク-角度計ユニット TAA-HTG
TAA-HTG (portable)

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You can measure torque and angle by hand precisely.
First, TAA has a very unique feature, high portability.  You can maximize the portability when you test something on a finished product.  For example…
–  You can go into a car with TAA and test of rotary switches on its dashboard due to its portability.
【Test】ex-TAA Dashboard
–  You can test a torque of two-wheelers’ accelerator
–  You can test a knob on a fixed door.
In other words, you do not have to take a piece (a sample) from a finished product to test it.

Second, you can achieve high repeatability due to its high accuracy and high sampling rate.
–  TAA torque sensor and angle meter have high accuracy.
–  Due to high sampling rate (2000Hz), it follows rapid torque change, accurately detecting a peak value or even a tiny variation.
You can send the data to PC at 2000Hz in real-time, and draw graph using a supplied software.

TAA is perfect to measure torque and angle of…
–  Rotary switch
–  Key
–  Finger grip
And more
We offer custom-made attachment to grip your sample to fit your particular needs.

TAA includes…
–  Torque sensor
–  Angle meter
–  Indicator
–  Torque graphing software
And more

Other choices
–  Desktop type TAA-MTS-TB series
It rotates your sample automatically, for greater precision.


–  Capacity: 2N – 10N
–  Accuracy: +/-0.5%F.S.+/-1digit
–  Sampling rate: 2000Hz



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