Angle Meter Unit

Angle Meter Unit AMK-360
Angle Meter Unit AMK-360

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– Enables torque-angle measurement by connecting with handheld digital torque gauge HTGA series

Specifications for AMK-360 Angle Meter Unit

Model AMK-360
Accuracy ±0.1 degree (*1)
Resolution 0.1 degree
Angle range From 0.1 to 9999.9 degree
Length of cable Approx. 1m
Weight Approx. 130g (when mount to the torque sensor) (*2)
Torque Gauge (*3)
HTGA series, eHT series

* Custom made stay is required to use it.
* Displacement type setting by supplied software is necessary to use it.
*1 It is resolution for AMK-360 (not include the torque gauges and attachments).
*2 Weight of angle meter unit, custom made stay and attachments are also applied as a load on the torque gauge. The weight of attachment should be less than 10% of the torque gauge capacity.
*3 0.5N-m range is incompatible.




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