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-Measure torque (rotating force) for motor screw driver and torque driver.
-It is suitable for daily torque maintenance with simple operations.
-The data output (serial communication) is possible.

Driver Torque Meter I-8/I-80 specification

Model I – 8 I – 80
Measuring range*1 0.20~78.60 cN-m 0.020~7.860 N-m
0.020~8.000 kgf-cm 0.20~80.00 kgf-cm
0.020~6.970 lbf-in 0.20~69.70 lbf-in
2.0~786.0 cN-m
Accuracy +/- 0.5% (reading value) or +/-3digit in less than 499 digit.
Display 4 digits LCD display
Measuring direction CW-CCW (Right turn /Left turn)
Measuring mode P-P(Peak-hold), T-R(Track), P-D(Peak-down),C(real time data output)
Upper/Lower value setting Upper/ Lower value are able to be set in the measuring range.
Pass-fail decision Pass/Fail can be check in the measuring range.(P-P mode)
GOOD (Pass)…Green lights, NG( Fail)…Red blinks
Max./ Min./Ave. display Display stored Max. / Min. /Ave. / Number of measuring values.
Real time data output Output applied torque approx. 1/180 sec each.
Internal memory 800 data
Output data ASCII (baud rate 19200 bps)
Auto zero reset function Automatic clear value function in each 0.1~3.0 sec (The setting is possible from 0.5 sec each). Manual zero reset setting is at 0.0 sec.
Zero Reset function Auto or Manual (only pressing the button.)
Battery Ni-Cd 1.2v×5 cell(700mAh) 300 times
Auto power-off Auto power-off in 10 minutes with no operation.
Charging time/ Usable time Approx.3 hours/ Approx. 12 hours continuous use after full charge.
Socket joint part (Detecting parts shape) Square 20 mm / Square 9.5 mm
Included items (1 each) Driver adapter OW-025/OW-10 Driver adapter OW-20/OW-60
Attaché case, battery charger, inspection certificate (*2), calibration certification (*2), traceability system diagram(*2).

*This product is NOT suitable for impact tools.
*1 It is only approved for the international model. The Japanese model is different range.
*2 All documents are written in English.

Adapter specification

OW-025 OW-10 OW-20 OW-60
Range Max. 0.25N-m Max. 1.0N-m Max. 2.0N-m Max. 6.0N-m
Mechanical life 10,000 times 8,000 times 5,000 times 5,000 times
Bit joint part M2.6+Pan head screw M3.0+Pan head screw M4.0+Pan head screw M6.0+Panhead screw
Body dimension φ28×44 φ32×51 φ32×51 φ32×69

*In the bit joint part, the user inserts their using screw.
*The adapters cannot be used for a manual torque driver. The optional driver adapter is required.
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