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LH-500N *Any force gauge is NOT included.

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– Designed for tensile strength test of crimped terminal
– High measurement efficiency due to simple lever operation
– Easy one-touch operation to grip a sample
– Supplied fixing bracket secures the tester on table for stable measurement

[Testing Application by Using LH-500N]
– Wire harness test (Manual) >>
* Please click the application for further information.

[Related Testing Applications]
 Wire Crimp Test (Motorized) >>
IEC 60512-16-4:2008 (partly)
– Thick wire crimp pull test >>
 Loop Tensile Strength Test >>
UL62275:2010  /SAE AS23190 Rev.C  (Partly)
* Please click the application for further information.

Specifications for LH-500N Wire Crimp Pull Tester

Model LH-500N
Capacity 500N (50kgf)
Stroke Approx. 85mm
Dimensions See [Dimensions]
Weight Approx. 10.5kg
Accessories Wire clamp Fixture: CW-500N,
Terminal clamp fixture: CH-500N,
Fixing brackets

* The force gauge is sold separately.

Specifications of supplied attachments

Model CW-500N CH-500N
Capacity 500N (50kgf) 500N (50kgf)
Method of clamp Wedge *1 Hook *2
Opening width 5mm 6mm
Dimensions See [Dimensions]
Weight Approx. 220g Approx. 210g

*1 It is not suitable for slippery samples and hard samples such as quenched materials due to the wedge clamp method. It is possible to damage the covering part if the cable is coated with thin or soft materials.
*2 It catches the sample between the jaws, not gripped. It is not suitable for fixing of narrow terminals such as bar terminals.



Dimensions of LH-500N

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