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SK series

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SK-2000N SK-2000N

Beam Type



Hi Force

Compress or Tension


Beam type SK series is a unidirectional load cell with capacity of 2000N to 20kN in compression or tension. It is well designed for integration into equipment or external devices, and its high accuracy and IP67 (Ingress Protection Rating 67) water and dust protection makes ideal for various applications.


  • Ideal for integration into facilities as its cuboid shape body can be screwed directly by the threaded holes
  • Enables measurement applications in dusty or wet environment due to IP67 approval
  • Allows high precision testing due to its high accuracy
  • Separated sensor model force gauges with a dedicated sensor available for a certain measurement purpose
  • eZ-Connect series (interchangeable sensors for using with one amplifier eZT) available for a wide range of testing

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