Load Cell for Automatic Doors (Door Tester)


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DM-2000N DM-2000N

Auto/Revolving Door


Compression Only


Load cell for automatic and revolving door is specially designed to measure the closing force of automatic doors and revolving doors. The blue sensor part contacts the closing door. It can be applied in partial compliance with JIS and other industrial standards.


  • Measures the closing force of automatic or rotating doors simply putting the sensor part between the sample and its frame
  • Complies with the corresponding part of JIS standard

Relevant Industrial Standards

JIS A4722 [ 2017 ] [Power operated pedestrian doorsets - Safety] (corresponding part only)

BS EN 12453 [ 2017 ] [Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates - safety in use of power operated doors - requirements and test methods] (Corresponding part only)

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