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Hi Speed Peel Test

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This is 180 degree peel tester with capacity 20N or 50N. It peels film or adhesive tape at an angle of 180 degrees (maximum peeling speed: 1500mm/min) and measures its peeling strength and adhesive strength. Next Series with firmware version 5 or later offers improved measurement stability thanks to low noise, expandability through the addition of functions (firmware download) on the dedicated website (IMADA-Connected.com), and the convenience of downloading various software and instruction manuals.


  • Ideal for 180-degree peel test of a wide range of samples such as adhesive tapes, which can be tested in accordance with the corresponding part of ISO, JIS, etc.
  • High sampling rate (2000Hz) for accurate results, capturing small changes and accurate peak values by following rapid changes of force
  • User-friendly operation with easy sample setup and one-click operation (simply press the START button to start the test and record data)
  • Allows accurate analysis capturing small changes with high sampling rate (2000Hz) and visual analysis with graph overlay function (up to 5 graphs) by the supplied graphing software
  • Next Series (Firmware Ver.5 or later) equips extended functions such as additional functions and software downloads from IMADA download site

Relevant Industrial Standards

ISO 8510-2 [ 2006 ] [Adhesives-Peel test for a flexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly-Part 2: 180° peel] (corresponding part only)

ISO 29862 [ 2007 ] [Self adhesive tapes-Determination of peel adhesion properties] (corresponding part only)

JIS Z0237 [ 2022 ] [Self adhesive tapes-Determination of peel adhesion properties] (corresponding part only)

JIS K6854-2 [ 1999 ] [Adhesives-Determination of peel strength of bonded assemblies] (corresponding part only)

Japanese Pharmacopoeia [180 degree peel testing method] (corresponding part only)

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