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Screw Cap Torque Testers

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Screw Cap Torque Testers

Screw Cap Torque Testers

Screw Cap Torque Tester is the torque measuring instrument which measures the opening and closing torque of various container lids (screw caps) such as PET bottles and jars. It reads the turning force and displays a numerical value.

The table on which the measurement sample is fixed is available in a range of sizes, so it can measure not only the lid of a container, but also various other torques, such as the feed torque of lipstick or the operability of a volume switch.

For more precise torque measurement need, we offer a solution of automatically turning a measurement sample using a dedicated stand instead of handheld. Using a torque stand for torque measurement, especially in R&D, is highly recommendable, because the constant turning speed and accuracy improves the repeatability of measurement.

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