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About Next series (IMADA Connected)

About Next series (IMADA Connected)

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If you have a device called the "Next series," you can download the latest firmware, features, software, manuals, etc., from our download site (IMADA-Connected) *Membership registration and product registration are required for downloads.

What you can do with "IMADA Connected"

What you can do with IMADA Connected (watch the video)>

  • Firmware updates: You can always use the latest version on your own. Until now, you had to send the gauge to us for updates, but now you can update without sending it to us, without any labor or fees.
  • Firmware feature additions: Just like adding apps to your smartphone, you can select and add the necessary features. Many free features are also available.
  • Software downloads: Downloadable software allows you to add features as needed. Free software is also available.
  • Software feature additions: Like firmware features, you can add necessary features within the software. Many free features are also available.
  • Access to related materials: Related documents such as manuals are published exclusively within IMADA Connected. By logging in, you can access the necessary information anytime.

There are no membership fees or usage fees. While some software and features are provided for a fee, there are many parts that can be used for free, so please take advantage of them.

Confirmation of Next series

Depending on the model and version, your device may not be Next Series, so you need to first confirm if your device is Next Series. Next Series devices correspond to the versions in the table below (confirmation methods follow below). Even if it's not Next Series, you can upgrade to Next Series by performing an upgrade at our company (see "For customers with version less than Ver. 5.00" for details).

Model Next Series Applicable Version
ZTS/ZTA/HTGS/HHTGA/Ezt 5.00 or later
DTXS/DTXA/FAP2/eFAP2 5.00 or later
IPTS 5.00 or later
ACT 2.00 or later 
DSV/DST *Any DSV or DTS are NOT applicable for Next series, however, you can download the user's instruction manual and the latest version of Force Logger Next if you have Ver.1.02 or later. (Firmware updates and additional functions are excluded)

How to check Version

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press ON/OFF button and turn on. After IMADA logo appears on the display, below will be displayed. Look at the right bottom, and numerical figure after "V" indicates version. For example, below indicating Version 3.10, which means that it is NOT Next series  (because it is before Version 5.00). 

For owners of Later than Ver.5.00(ACT 2.00 or later. DSV・DST 1.02 or later)

Go to IMADA-Connected and register your profile and product, so that you can enjoy all the benefits, i.e., download latest firmware, software and product manuals.

Product registration is also required to use IMADA Connected as well as profile registration. Please refer to the following and register your product.

Product Registration requires a serial number and product code as follows:

How to check the serial number and product code:

  1. Turn off the power once, then press and hold the orange "MENU" button while pressing the ON/OFF button. 
  2. The menu selection screen will appear, so select "Model Information" and press the "PEAK" button. 

  3. The model, serial number, and product code are displayed from the top. In the following, ZTA is the model, the next 6 digits are the serial number, and the last one is the product code.

Go to IMADA Connected for registration>

For owners of Earlier than Ver.5.00 (ACT earlier than Ver.2.00.  DSV/DST earlier than Ver.1.02)

Regret to advise you that your product is not applicable for IMADA-Connected (meaning you cannot register product, download software, or product manuals).  However, even if the version is less than 5.00, you can use IMADA Connected by having us perform an upgrade to the Next series. 

If you wish to request an upgrade:Please contact the dealer who you purchased the gauge from.

  • If a referral to distributor is required, please inquire below.
Find dealer

If you choose NOT to upgrade: Contact us from the following form.

Request Manual 
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