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IMADA rheometer is desktop and portable, making it easier to handle on site and less expensive to install than larger test machines. Despite its small size, it is capable of acquiring 1000 data per second and has a high accuracy of ±0.2% F.S., making it possible to perform precise food texture test. The recommended measurement method for each food is pre-installed, and the measurement method can be arranged, so you can instantly start texture test immediately after purchase without any difficult settings. Software for graphing the measured values is included, and by programming the test conditions, various parameters such as adhesion and stickiness can be obtained, making texture analysis easy.


  • Quantifies texture in force to evaluate the textural properties of food such as firmness, tackiness, cohesion, elasticity, etc.
  • Reduces testing time by selecting food sample or a test standard, and preset conditions from the touch screen to confirm measuring condition
  • Easy to perform food measurements complying with the corresponding part of ISO, JIS, and more
  • Offers easy analysis of force-time/displacement by graphing and data management with the supplied software as well as direct data saving feature to USB drive
  • Various shaped optional attachments available for handling a wide range of testing applications

Relevant Industrial Standards

ISO 16305 [ 2005 ] [Butter-Determination of firmness] (corresponding part only)

ISO 9665 [ 1998 ] [Adhesives- Animal glues- Methods of sampling and testing] (corresponding part only)

Consumer Affairs Agency [ 2017 ] [Food for person having difficulty in swallowing] (corresponding part only)

Japan Care Food Conference [Universal Design Food] (corresponding part only)

JIS K6503 [ 2001 ] [Animal glues and gelatins] (corresponding part only)

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Programmable Mode - Set the displacement from Point of Contact


Manual Mode - Measure Hardness in Peak Mode

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