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Purchase Support

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IMADA is eager to help you solve force measurement issues, by identifying your need. Our engineers will attend the matter and propose the measurement method or the product selection based on our well-reputed experiences and know-how. 

Pre-Purchase Services

We emphasize the importance of pre-purchase steps and embody such services as shown below, in order for you to achieve the optimal measurement.

Product Comparison & Consideration Stage : Following services are available.

  • Recommended Service 1: Sample measurement service (free of charge)

If you send us a sample, we will select the best product for you while actually conducting measurement. We will then provide you with a report on the recommended products along with the measurement conditions and results. The service is free of charge (shipping costs is chargeable to you).
See the details of Sample measurement service>

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  • Recommended Service 2: Use of Laboratory (free of charge)

If you are able to visit IMADA office in Japan, you can bring your samples to our laboratory and we can actually demonstrate you the measurement. We will propose the most suitable product during the demonstration.

If it is difficult to come to our office, however, we can also show you a demo online from Laboratory. We will ask you to send us samples in advance, and run a demonstration when we meet online. This service is also free of charge (shipping cost is chargeable to you).
See the details of how to make use of our laboratory>

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Product Purchase Stage : Purchase from our distributor in your country or neighbour.

We are pleased to introduce our distributor in your country. Contact us below.

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Post-Purchase Services

Some of our distributors provide repair and calibration setvices.  Contact us below to find our official distributor in your country and contact them directly about the services.

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