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Force Recorder Light Graphing Image Force Recorder Light Graphing Image

Force Recorder Light CD Force Recorder Light CD

Force Recorder Light Graphing Image

Force Recorder Light CD

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Force Recorder Light is force-time (torque-time) graphing software for ZTS/ZTA/eZT/FA Plus2/HTGS/HTGA/DTXS/DTXA series digital force gauges. It graphs measurement accurately and precisely even for small force changes at high sampling rate (2000Hz). It is affordable model focusing on graph acquisition.


  • Allows force-time graphing connecting with ZTS/ZTA/eZT/FA Plus2 series force gauge, torque-time graphing connecting with HTGS/HTGA/DTXS/DTXA series torque gauges
  • Enables accurate graphing with high sampling rate of max. 2000Hz, adjustable to suit the measurement purpose; capturing rapid transitions precisely at high sampling rate or monitoring moderate changes for a long recording time at slower rate
  • Affordable model focusing on graph acquisition as well as a feature of force gauge settings and saving of settings
  • Prints out a report with graph, statistics including Max/Min/Ave values, and comments

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6 Significant Digits (*Significant digits are meaningful digits that do not include zeros, which are used to indicate the scale.)


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