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High Speed Peel Tester

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High Speed Peel Tester

High Speed Peel Tester

Peel Tester is a specialized equipment for peel testing of numerous types of seals, adhesive tapes, and similar. The sampling speed is as fast as 2000 Hz, so that the peel strength can be quantified more precisely.

The dedicated software is included to graph peel strength and output the maximum, minimum, and average values (also including a field to input the tape width, so statistical values can be calculated for that specified width).

The moment the start button on the main unit of the peel tester is pressed to start measurement, the graph depiction starts automatically, and the data is saved, making it easy to save and analyze data.

The sample can be easily fixed for efficient testing. A broad range of peeling speeds are available, from 300 mm/min, which is often specified in JIS standards, to high-speed peeling tests up to 1500 mm/min.

With firmware 5.0 or higher, the peel tester can be expanded with additional functions and firmware updates online (

Also refer to the peel tester case studies (videos).
Peel Test Examples (video) >>

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