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Feel free to contact us for technical issues, prices, and anything related with force measurement

Technical Consultation

Should any of below trouble you? Feel at ease and contact us. You can consult with our engineers who are willing to help you.

  • Is it measurable?
  • Is there any similar measurement results to my product sample?
  • Is there any fixture to hold my product sample?
  • How do I improve the measurement efficiency?
  • How do I properly maintain my measurement equipment?
  • Is there anyone who I could consult about the calibration?

Product Selection Inquiry

Force measurement equipment generally features high versatility, and we offer a diverse range and product lineup, making it difficult to select the right product for you. Therefore, we emphasize and embody the product selection by our engineers in order to optimize your force measurement. There are two services available.

Recommended Service 1: Sample measurement service
If you send us a sample, we will select the best product for you while actually conducting measurement. We will then provide you with a report on the recommended products along with the measurement conditions and results. The service is free of charge (shipping costs is chargeable to you)
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Recommended Service 2:Online consultation service
If you are able to visit IMADA office in Japan, you can bring your samples to our laboratory and we can actually demonstrate you the measurement. We will propose the most suitable product during the demonstration.
If it is difficult to come to our office, however, we can also show you a demo online. We will ask you to send us samples in advance, and run a demonstration when we meet online. This service is also free of charge (shipping cost is chargeable to you).
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Purchase and Price Inquiry

Click the button below to go to the inquiry form. Select the test type that interests you and send it to us, and we will immediately inform you of the price and delivery date of typical products by auto-reply. Note that this information is for popular and standard types, and you may use it as a guide for price and delivery date. If there is a particular product model that you are already interested in, specify it on the form and we will provide you with a formal quotation.

Unit Converter

Convenient Unit/Torque/
Tension conversion

6 Significant Digits (*Significant digits are meaningful digits that do not include zeros, which are used to indicate the scale.)


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