Rubber Roller for Peel Test

APR-97 series

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Manual Press Roller

Peel Test

APR-97 series are rubber rollers for a peel test which are used to bond a sample at even pressure. They comply with the corresponding parts of ISO and JIS standards. Customization is available for their size and weight to comply with other standards such as ASTM.


  • Used to bond a sample at even pressure in peel test
  • Complies with the corresponding part of JIS Z0237 (2022) and ISO 29862 (2018).
  • The size and weight of the roller can be adjusted by customization to comply with other standards.

Relevant Industrial Standards

ISO 29862 [ 2018 ] [Self adhesive tapes-Determination of peel adhesion properties] (corresponding part only)

ISO 29863 [ 2018 ] [Self adhesive tapes-Measurement of static shear adhesion] (corresponding part only)

ISO 29864: [ 2018 ] [Self adhesive tapes-Measurement of breaking strength and elongation at break] (corresponding part only)

JIS Z0237 [ 2022 ] [Testing methods of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and sheets] (corresponding part only)

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